Best Books of 2016

This year I read 46 books, most of them good, a few of them not so good, but a few were exceptional. These books are just 5 of my favorite books that I read in 2016 (in no particular order).

  1. The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

This was the last book I read this year and it was incredible. It follows 2 teenagers, Daniel and Natasha. Daniel is the son of Korean immigrants who want him to go to Yale and be a doctor, but all he wants is to write poetry. Natasha is an illegal immigrant from Jamaica who is being deported because of her father’s mistake. It almost seems like it’s going to be cheesy and unrealistic and insta-lovey but it is far from it. Plus, it not only has a love story, but it is told in different perspectives and gives insight into multiple people’s lives throughout the story, and talks about a multitude of topics such as science, immigration, and race. It is wonderfully done and is a must read.

  1. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

This is by far the cutest love story I have ever read. Ever. It had me screaming and crying for a good ending the entire time and I was not disappointed. The book is set in Texas in 1987 and focuses on Dante and Aristotle, 2 boys who meet one summer when Dante offers to teach Aristotle how to swim. From then on, the book follows them over an extended period of time as they struggle with different aspects of being Mexican and start to figure things out about themselves. The story is full of angst, humor, and love that is worth checking out.

  1. Tell Me Something Real by Calla Devlin

One of the few books I read this year that wasn’t a romance. Centered around 3 sisters living in San Diego in the 70’s trying to cope with the fact that their mother is terminally ill. They commute to Mexico once a month with her for her treatment, but everything isn’t as it seems. Each of the girls are written so beautifully and are so different from each other, but with a very believable and real sister relationship. The ending of this book shocked the hell out of me which rarely ever happens.

  1. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

This is the second book on this list by Nicola Yoon and it’s because both of her stories are fucking amazing. They have great diversity in characters and wonderful storylines.  Everything, Everything is about a 17 year old girl that hasn’t been outside of her house since she was a baby due to a condition that makes her allergic to basically everything. The only people she interacts with are her mom and her nurse, Carla. When a new family moves in next door, her and the teenage boy begin instant messaging. As their relationship grows, her and her mother’s becomes more and more strained until a huge revelation is made. This book made me extremely nervous towards the end and it was wonderful.

  1. Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

I read this book in a period of time where the only books I wanted to read were ones about mental illness. I read ones about depression and suicide and Munchausen and more. Many of them This book is about a girl who is in the popular crowd at school and seems perfect, but is secretly battling with Purely-Obsessional OCD. She struggles trying to hide her disorder, when a strange girl introduces her to a secret club called Poet’s Corner, a secret club that meets in the old theater room at school. As she makes friends with the people in the group, she begins to feel more accepted and less ashamed of her OCD, until something happens that makes her question herself all over again. This story was pretty good at showing the struggles of having a mental illness that she goes through everyday. It was cute and sweet and has an interesting twist to it that is wholly unexpected.

  1. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

There was no way I could make a list of my favorite books of the year and not include Lady Midnight. This is set a few years after the last TMI book, focusing on Emma Carstais and Julian Blackthorn. Emma is hellbent on avenging her parents murder and Julian will do anything he can to help her. Julian and Emma can typically conquer every obstacle in their path together, but there is one obstacle that they didn’t forsee. This story is fairly similar to the original series, but I am so deeply in love with the world and the characters that I am always sucked in. I waited a long ass fucking time for this and I am so excited for the second one to come out in 2017.


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