99 Days

99 Days by Katie Cotigno is #10 in my 100 book challenge. The book seemed like a simple story about a teenage love triangle from what I got from the description on the book jacket. It was a little bit more dramatic than that. If I’m being honest, teen romance, especially with love triangles, give me anxiety. Without fail, I’ll be getting to the dramatic parts and my chest will tighten up and it gets a bit harder to breathe. This book was no exception, but, as always, I kept reading. The thing that took me by surprise as things started going was that it wasn’t very easy to like any of the main characters. They all kept fucking up so badly, and bitching about what they had just fucked up, that it made them very easy to love to hate. In the end shit blows up for everyone, and the main girl calls out the double standards surrounding her and the boys involved. The ending was refreshing, better than I hoped for. This book wasn’t anything special or memorable, but it was pretty good regardless.


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