Lady Midnight


            Lady Midnight is the newest book by Cassandra Clare. She’s been criticized for writing all of her books in the same world but I, for one, have no complaints. From the moment I started reading L.M. I was tearing up from the familiarity of it (you’ll soon realize I’m a huge fucking crybaby) and I was completely hooked. The book, based in L.A., is centered around the lives of Emma Carstairs and Julien Blackthorn 5 years after the Dark War. The story is reminiscent of Clare’s other stories but just like them it has its own defining twist that separates it and keeps everything from being too similar and repetitive. The thing I wasn’t fucking expecting was casual mentions of what the characters from TMI are up to. Every little mention brought me to happy tears. It’s always nice to know what happened to the characters you love after the book ends. The ending of the book was unexpected in my opinion, but so utterly wonderful. Finishing this book left me with the same dazed feeling I always get after finishing one of her books. It’s a feeling like I’ve just been unceremoniously yanked from my world and flung back to reality. All in all, book was absolutely phenomenal, as expected, and I cannot fucking wait for the second one to come into my life.



*I’m currently involved in a self-imposed challenge to read 100 books by the end of the year.


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